Pier Set

The Right Way, The RoMar Way

"Piers done wrong can destroy a new home in a few short years. But done right, while more expensive, piers will last the life of the home" - Joe Frisina 2011, President, RoMar Homes, Inc.

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Sod is removed from site

Forms elevated keep out water

24 inches in diameter

Notice door piers on outside

Checking elevations

Leftover Concrete used as fill

Piers and Door Piers

Front Elevation view of piers

Piers, piers and more piers

Piers are effective & affordable

No mushroom shape

Perfect cylindar wont heave

Fill brought in to elevate site

Tamping down the fill

Tamped down piers

Long view of prepared site

Properly Prepared site

Ready for Home Delivery

Good Jobs Require Care

Tied Down with Minute Man

Keeps out Ground Moisture

Home Stays Dry Underneath

Protects against mold

Vapor Barrier

Another Job Well Done!